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At the 311 Institute we don't advertise for roles. We let you design your own.

Here's how it works - acquaint yourself with our organisation and our objectives and design your own role and package highlighting your strengths, experiences and why it would add value to our customers. No other organisation gives you this kind of opportunity.

Organisations should be defined by their people - not the other way round.

Since the dawn of humankind organisations - whether it be tribes, empires or corporations have recruited people into specific roles to fulfil specific job functions. Generals to command armies and warehousemen to organise and store goods and so the list of roles spirals on...

While this historical approach helps organisations standardise their management, reporting and payment structures over the long term it dampens morale and increases employee churn. More importantly though it fails to leverage the ideas and wealth of human capital tied up in the minds of the organisations employees. Ultimately it is one of the single largest contributary factors that helps accelerate the commoditisation of the organisations products and services and erodes the organisations long term competitivness.

The modern term for this practise is Pigeon Holing and if this phrase sounds familiar then that's because today the behaviour is the status quo. Look around you - have your colleagues become pigeon holed? Are their future careers defined by their current job description? While every organisation have people who have managed to change job categories overall very few people will ever break out of the category they're in. Salesmen will typically always be salesmen, technicians will typically always be technicians and recruiters will typically always be recruiters.

Chief Executives are often the first to proclaim that their employees are their organisations greatest assets so why are todays organisations still obssessed with recruiting people into category defined roles where the persons official contribution to their organisations starts and ends with their job description? Your organisations management and recruitment strategies should align and let you leverage the breadth of human capital in your organisation. The organisation should be defined by the people - not the other way round.

We call this our Human Capital Framework and it wouldn't be the same without you.

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