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Blockbusters are created when desirability, usability, affordability, supportability, reliability and availability seamlessly converge to create an iconic consumer experience but in a world full of short cuts desirability and usability are all too often lazy after thoughts.

Iconic products set new high water marks that other companies attempt to imitate and are always the most distinctive in their category, often becoming a public symbol of a brands deeper attributes. Design, that is to say the seamless interaction between flawless usability and refined, simple elegance, or the lack of it, can make or break a product. Imagine Apples iPad with all of its features and functionality built into a device that weighed twenty kilograms or all of Aston Martin's engineering prowess crammed into the chassis of a Lada. Do you think they would have still had the same uptake or provided users with the same experience? Of course not.

At the 311 Institute we couple our Human Centered Design philosophy, experience and worldwide community of over 500,000 designers, engineers and psychologists to help companies craft iconic products and experiences that are desirable, feasible and viable.

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