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Loyalty is a wonderful thing and we all see the value that it brings to our social, domestic and business relationships but fanatical loyalty goes one step further and creates advocacy and once you pass the tipping point the rise to brand stardom and market dominance inevitably follows. The path to building fanatical loyalty flies in the face of traditional marketing convention which aims to raise the brand awareness to the masses. It focuses on engendering immense loyalty in the consumers on the margins - the one percenters, the people who make up a small, but valuable part of your brands fan base and ultimately the people who will evangalise for you and bring new followers into the fold.

Overall there are seven factors that when harmonised will propel your brand towards iconicity but least we forget creating fanatical loyalty of this nature is all about giving and it requires focus, respect and a cultural dedication like you have never seen before.

At the 311 Institute we help brands of all sizes, across all industries create identifiable rockstar communities who feverishly embrace your values and symbols and who ultimately become the best promoters you will ever be lucky enough to have.

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