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What does it mean to be Iconic and just how do you build an iconic brand? Many company executives tie themselves up in knots - trying to answer this question trying to find a magic formula they can bottle. All to often though they discover the stark reality that iconicity is a culmination of a variety of factors and that corralling them all together is beyond them.

Iconic brands aren't born - they're sculpted and each and every one of them have embedded the customer experience into their cultural fabric. Irrespective of the industry they operate in every iconic brand, whether it's Coca Cola or Apple, manages to harmoniously align six dominant factors including, but not limited to desirability, usability, reliability, affordability, support and then last but not least availability. Each one of these factors also then covers a multitude of analogous subsets any one of which, if they aren't perfectly designed or implemented could ruin the whole experience. Reliability, for example, also includes durability, usability includes convenience and desirability includes the consumers perception of the company's culture and ethics. Aligning all of these takes cult like dedication, attention to detail and leadership.

At the 311 Institute our experience of building new routes to market and innovation centers for many of the world's most iconic brands gives us an impressive range of insights and fresh perspectives which help us advance and strengthen our clients own brand identities.

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