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The 311 Institute and our community of contributors lead the discussion among academic researchers, business Executives and other influential thought leaders about advances in Innovation, Management and Entrepreneurial practice that are helping transforming how people lead, innovate and grow their businesses. We disseminate new research and ideas so that thoughtful executives can capitalise on the opportunities presented by rapid organisational, technological and societal change.

Our network reaches over 16 Million readers around the world who encompass a broad variety of roles including Academics, Analysts, Development Agencies, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Investors, Media representatives, Regional and National Government representatives, Researchers and Strategists and Thought Leaders. Our readers are energetic Innovators, Management thinkers and Entrepreneurs who aren't content with the status quo. They're risk takers who thrive on knowledge and insights to drive the prosperity of their businesses and improve the wellbeing of their staff and customers. They're the thinkers shaping the new face of business and entrepreneurship.

The 311 Institute and our community of contributors shine spot lights on the latest innovative products, services and practises and the latest management and entrepreneurial strategies so our readers can improve the prosperity of their businesses and enhance customer and employee satisfaction to drive greater returns. Our contributors provide detailed information in an entertaining, intriguing and evocative fashion with punchy writing styles.

Don't give us the obvious or merely touch on the surface of a subject. Our readers actively seek out new ideas so we're looking for in depth reporting with information culled from many sources to give readers a broad perspective on a topic. Can you offer a fresh angle on a familiar subject? Can you convey atmosphere and personality? Can you elicit interesting quotes from people, and find sources who don't say the same old thing in the same old way? Can you write with authority and passion? Then you're the kind of writer we're looking for.

We want to help you become a recognised thought leader in your chosen area of expertise so our Associates will help guide you as much or as little as you need. We never say no to anyone who wants to contribute so with this in mind we recommend that you read several of our articles before submitting anything to us and if you would still like to contribute please send your articles and questions to

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